Friday, January 2, 2015

Must have imagination...

Seriously, you must. 
I'm going to show you the pictures I took the day we walked through & it's not pretty.
It's not so bad from the outside...oddly long, but still kinda cute.


Thursday, January 1, 2015


 I never know how to start these things...Hey? Welcome? I don't know.

We're taking a home that no one has loved in a long time & making it ours with a whole lot of hard work & time. We're DIY'ers on budget & Pinterest is my best friend! I'm usually not afraid to try new things, at least once, so sometimes things get a bit complicated for my sweet parents & husband as I always drag them along for the ride! Our newest property is a small house on almost 5 acres that's sat vacant for many years. The ceiling is caving & the raccoons have made it their home. It's scary stuff, but I have faith that it'll be so much more someday! This home is our fourth home in five years, we get bored easily & enjoy moving once a project is completed but we intend on staying here for a bit longer than usual...we'll see how that goes! This property is our largest undertaking yet, we're praying we weren't too overly confident in our skills when we decided to purchase this'll see what I mean soon enough. It was a foreclosure, that has sat empty for almost 7 years. The previous owners attempted to remodel it, unsuccessfully. It's been built on to several times in its lifetime & she has the scars to prove it. Needless to say, our sweet little 1950's house has suffered over the years but her bones are pretty solid & we're braver (dumber?!?) than most! I hope you'll enjoy watching the process as we attempt to bring her back to what we know she can eventually be. I'll begin posting pictures soon of the day we walked in & decided it needed to be ours but be warned, it looks pretty rough! Until then, here's a before of the floor plan and the new, proposed layout. It's not perfect but maybe it'll help you understand what you're looking at when I begin posting pictures!